Credit Agreements

Having a credit agreement declared unenforceable is not done by declaring bankruptcy or a debt management payment plan or entering in to an IVA, once a credit agreement is deemed unenforceable the outstanding balance does not have to be paid due the fact that the agreement was never legal under the Consumer Credit Act 1974

Since it became public knowledge that such a large amount of loan/credit agreements with flaws we have put in place a process to have our legal team scrutinise each agreement sent to us to see if they comply with 1974 Consumer Credit Act.

Once the agreements have been found to be flawed and thereby unenforceable the legal team begin proceedings to have the credit agreements declared void, once this has been proved all payments would cease and all goods purchased could be kept.

Millions of people in the UK have credit/loan agreements, many of which  are unenforceable.

If you have a loan for a car, furniture, secured loans, unsecured loans, credit cards, store cards, or a loan for almost anything of any there is a very good chance it may be unenforceable.

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